this is blog page Slasher Partners With Gore Culture to Deliver Horror News Globally

Today, we proudly announce a partnership between Gore Culture and Slasher in which all Gore Culture’s news, reviews, and editorial content will be available directly on Slasher, keeping members better connected and informed on all things horror!

Gore Culture was launched in 2022 and delivers a wide range of content. They feature horror, thriller, and sci-fi news with articles on pop culture’s latest trends, film reviews, editorials, and stories. With multiple new articles each day, Core Culture has a lot to offer horror fans who enjoy staying on top of what’s happening in the genre.

this is blog page How To: Get Notifications When Your Friends Post

If there are some people who create posts you particularly enjoy, you can get notifications when they create a new post or write a review. By getting notifications, you won’t miss their posts.

To enable and disable notifications, go to the person’s profile and select the bell icon. The green/”on” bell means you have enabled notifications for that friend. The red/”off” bell icon means notifications are disabled for that friend. You can always enable/disable whenever you’d like.

Why would you use this?

Maybe you just like the person’s posts. They could be funny, interesting, or have interests in common with you

You might have similar taste in movies, books, podcasts, art, or music. You can find new stuff to enjoy when you get notifications and keep up with their latest posts.

this is blog page How To: Hashtags

Hashtags are to help you find stuff you’re interested in or to have your posts found by other people. You can think of them as keywords.

To find stuff you’re interested in, there are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. If your friends create any posts with hashtags you like, select the hashtag, then follow.
  2. Search for hashtags you might like. Go to search, select hashtags, then search for hashtags you’re interested in. For example, search for #Movies. Select #Movies from the search results and then follow.

To allow other people find your posts:

When you create a post, add relevant hashtags (up to 10 hashtags per post). For example, if your post is about movies, you can use #movies. You could also use the names of the specific movies you’re talking about in your post. For example, if you’re talking about Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you could use #FridayThe13th #Halloween #TexasChainsawMassacre. Keep your hashtags relevant to the content in your post. You can also use hashtags in sentences to keep your posts nice and clean. For example: I’m using a #hashtag in my sentence.

Who can see your posts with hashtags:

If your profile is public, anyone who follows a hashtag you use will see your post, even if they are not friends with you. They will also be able to like and comment on posts that include hashtags they follow. This is helpful so you can find new friends more easily.

If you have a private profile, only friends will see your posts.

this is blog page *** DOWNLOAD OCTOBER 2 APP UPDATE ***

This is a big one! Two really big features to help you enjoy more of what you want!

What’s new:

1) Hashtags – follow hashtags for topics that you’re interested in and use #hashtags to describe the content of your post, so people who are interested in it can see it. You can also search for hashtags, like #movie, #book, #Hellraiser , etc. Search results will only show hashtags that have been used already.

2) Friend post notifications – if there are people who always make posts you like, go to their profile and set the notification bell icon to “On”. You’ll get push notifications when your friend posts or reviews a movie!

this is blog page *** AUG 19 – BUG FIXES AVAILABLE ***

Please update to the latest versions of the app for some critical bug fixes!

New versions:
Android – 4.6.4
iOS – 4.6.4

Fixes include:
– Image uploading/posting
– Notifications
– Create post/delete post
– Sharing movie as a post

If the update does not appear to fix any of these issues, please try the following:
1. Uninstall Slasher
2. Reboot your device
3. Install Slasher from the App Store or Play Store

Thank you! 🤘😊

this is blog page *** JULY 23 – Please Update Slasher on Android & iOS ***

We are making some improvements to Slasher, so please update right away.

iOS: v4.6.2
Android: v4.0.12

If you do not update, the app you currently have may become unresponsive.

this is blog page ANDROID & IOS UPDATES – JULY 8

Today, we released new updates for Android and iOS!

Android v4.0.7 fixes the bugs we’re aware of, including: posting issues, profile updates, sign in/out issues, push notification issues.

iOS v4.5 is an entirely rebuilt app, which looks and works like the new website and new Android app. We tested it to ensure the bugs we found on the website and Android app were not present. If you find any bugs or things that don’t work as you’d expect, please let us know by emailing:

If you have any feedback at all, please email us (same address as above) or message @Damon with your feedback. We’re always making improvements and your feedback is important to help us do that!


We’re working on some new stuff and we would love input from professional photographers. This will help us decide the direction to take with professional horror art on Slasher and I want to be sure your voices are heard!

Thank you!

this is blog page Slasher Temporarily Unavailable From Google Play

*PLEASE NOTE* If you uninstall Slasher, you will NOT be able to download and install it from Google Play until we post the update.

We will be posting the updated version of Slasher to Google Play soon.

this is blog page Slasher Brings Another First To Horror Movie Fans: Gore Factor

With the upcoming release of their new website, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to the horror genre and fans. In another huge first, we’d like to introduce a feature called Gore Factor. The purpose of Gore Factor is to give people a quick and easy way to rate the amount of blood and guts in horror movies. Anyone browsing the movie database can decide if they’re looking for a movie with more or less gore.

Gore Factor is based on a scale of 1-5 and visually designated by 1-5 blood spatter icons. The lower the number, the less blood in the movie. The higher the number, the more gory it will be.

Slasher’s creator, Damon Della Greca, had this to say about the feature, “Some people absolutely love gory movies and others may not be into them at all. No matter what you like, Gore Factor is a simple way for everyone to share how much blood and guts there might be in a movie. This helps people find the kind of movies they love and avoid the ones they might not. This is a feature I’m really proud of and I hope everyone enjoys it!”.