Big Changes Coming To Slasher

As we’re preparing to release the new Slasher website and mobile apps, there are some changes we want everyone to be prepared for. You’ll see some features will be updated, some will be brand new, while others will be removed while we rebuild them. This is quick overview of what you can expect.

What’s new

Movie database

screenshot of movie detail page

Worth watching – this feature gives you the ability to quickly share if a movie is worth watching or not. We all know a lot of horror movies that can get awful ratings, but are still worth checking out for the fun of it.

Gore Factor – this allows you to easily share how gory a movies is. Some people love the gore and some don’t. Slasher is the only place you’ll find the Gore Factor !

Write a review – write and share reviews for movies!

Contains spoilers – you can write reviews that contain spoilers and not ruin it for everyone else, just by clicking a check box. If people want to read your review and talk about it, you can keep the conversation going without worry!

What’s different


Events by location – we’ve revised this section with a map, so you can scroll to see where the events are for the month!

What’s going away (temporarily)

Mobile app – when we release the new Slasher website, the existing mobile apps will go away for a few weeks while we get ready to release the new apps. You will still be able to access Slasher on your mobile device through the website, so you’ll always have access! We just want to be sure everyone has access to all the same features and the best possible experience.

Dating – we will be completely rebuilding the dating feature to be more practical for everyone.
NOTE: If you have a live dating profile, you will not be able to access the dating area or dating messages when it is removed. All live profiles will return when the feature is brought back. Please plan accordingly.

Groups – this feature is being totally rebuilt to be easier to use and will allow you to follow the topics you’re interested in. The way it looks so far is awesome!

What’s coming soon

After the new mobile apps are released, we will add hashtag capabilities. The way they’ll work will make it even easier to find posts you may be interested in, even if you’re not friends with the person who posted!

There’s a lot more, but it’s a surprise. We’ve got so many exciting things in development that we think you’re going to love!

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