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Welcome to Slasher, the ultimate social app for horror fans! We’re gearing up to launch an Indiegogo campaign to take Slasher to the next level, and we need your support. Our goal is to make Slasher even more fun for horror fans like you by adding exciting new features and connecting you with the things you love.

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What is this for?
This Indiegogo campaign is to help Slasher support horror by building a lot of great, new features horror fans and creators can enjoy!


What are some of the features Slasher wants to build?
Here are just a few…

Content channels: enjoy more exciting content on Slasher, such as video channels, podcasts, and more!

Groups: have conversations by topic and dive deeper into specific horror sub-genres, find like-minded people, or even grow your professional network! Groups will make many more things possible!

Business profiles: businesses will be able to identify themselves and be discovered more easily! Whether you’re looking for a podcast, vendor, artist, film distribution, this will help you find what you want!

How can I help?
There are two ways!

1. Help us spread the word about this campaign!

2. Support our campaign by purchasing some of the fantastic perks we have to offer! We aren’t ready to share the details of all the perks yet, but they’re going to be really cool and some will immortalize a few people as a part of Slasher history!