How To: Hashtags

Hashtags are to help you find stuff you’re interested in or to have your posts found by other people. You can think of them as keywords.

To find stuff you’re interested in, there are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. If your friends create any posts with hashtags you like, select the hashtag, then follow.
  2. Search for hashtags you might like. Go to search, select hashtags, then search for hashtags you’re interested in. For example, search for #Movies. Select #Movies from the search results and then follow.

To allow other people find your posts:

When you create a post, add relevant hashtags (up to 10 hashtags per post). For example, if your post is about movies, you can use #movies. You could also use the names of the specific movies you’re talking about in your post. For example, if you’re talking about Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you could use #FridayThe13th #Halloween #TexasChainsawMassacre. Keep your hashtags relevant to the content in your post. You can also use hashtags in sentences to keep your posts nice and clean. For example: I’m using a #hashtag in my sentence.

Who can see your posts with hashtags:

If your profile is public, anyone who follows a hashtag you use will see your post, even if they are not friends with you. They will also be able to like and comment on posts that include hashtags they follow. This is helpful so you can find new friends more easily.

If you have a private profile, only friends will see your posts.

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