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 The Slasher Scream Machine is a group of the most hardcore horror fans who love Slasher and believe horror fans deserve the best! As part of the Scream Machine, you’ll be at the forefront of our mission to connect, engage, and thrill the horror community like never before. You can help us bring that amazing Slasher vibe to every horror fan around the world!

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How it works

It’s easy!
1. Sign up (click here)
2. We will share simple weekly missions
3. Complete the missions

Why join the Scream Machine

There’s a lot more going on than it may seem…
🔪Support the place horror fans feel at home
🔪Have an impact on the horror genre
🔪Share your love for horror with so many more people
🔪Help shape the future of Slasher
🔪Support indie horror creators who want to create something new and exciting
🔪Connect with other horror fans and industry professionals
🔪Collaborate on exciting campaigns and events
🔪Gain behind-the-scenes access to the latest at Slasher

Benefits of being part of the Scream Machine

We have a bunch of cool things for Scream Machine members! Some of the benefits include: sneak previews of what’s coming to Slasher, exclusive Slasher merchandise, credit on our thank you page, and other great stuff!

Join the Scream Machine and be a part of something awesome!