Slasher Brings Another First To Horror Movie Fans: Gore Factor

With the upcoming release of their new website, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to the horror genre and fans. In another huge first, we’d like to introduce a feature called Gore Factor. The purpose of Gore Factor is to give people a quick and easy way to rate the amount of blood and guts in horror movies. Anyone browsing the movie database can decide if they’re looking for a movie with more or less gore.

Gore Factor is based on a scale of 1-5 and visually designated by 1-5 blood spatter icons. The lower the number, the less blood in the movie. The higher the number, the more gory it will be.

Slasher’s creator, Damon Della Greca, had this to say about the feature, “Some people absolutely love gory movies and others may not be into them at all. No matter what you like, Gore Factor is a simple way for everyone to share how much blood and guts there might be in a movie. This helps people find the kind of movies they love and avoid the ones they might not. This is a feature I’m really proud of and I hope everyone enjoys it!”.

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