For the past two years, Slasher has been hiding an original character in plain sight – right in our shop. If you aren’t sure which one, here’s the first hint at this character…

Over the past year, Damon has been coming up with ways to bring her to life, working on concepts for why this character should exist. “I wanted her to have a reason to exist and not just be completely random. My first idea was to base her on an ordinary person without any magic or mystical powers. That’s great, but the questions remained – ‘why does this character exist? What’s the purpose?’ “

As it turns out, she’s got quite a purpose. In her world, she lives where only our imaginations dare to go. Monsters and nightmares are reality. The kind of killers and creatures we see in movies or read about in books have¬† found a ways to manifest into flesh and blood, as the line between her world and the Dark Plane blurs. She has tasked herself with being the one entity evil should fear. The one that brings terror to nightmares. She is the killer of killers.

Here is the first piece of concept art of the character.

The concept art above is an animated gif, designed to show her mask in action.

To help bring this idea closer to reality, Damon brought in artist Malcolm Semmens to create various concept art. “Mal hit his stride right away! I couldn’t believe how quickly he took my ideas and turned them into exactly what I had envisioned. Some of his ideas are seen in the concept art as well. He designed some cool weapons and gave her just the right vibe!”

Her mask contains many tiny LED lights, which allow her to be stealthy and to show her various expressions as she chooses, which she built herself. Also crafted using her own skill are some of her weapons, such as the 4-sided cleaver and “Stinger”, which are held together by a sharpened chain. This array of weapons gives her the ability to make quick work of whatever she may face.

She currently has no name, but there are some interesting plans for this character. The goal is to work with various creative people to bring her stories to the public, in whatever form they may take. We will be developing more in the coming months, but in the meanwhile, any interest in working with Slasher on this concept should be sent to