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It’s time for the 2nd Slasher T-Shirt Design Contest!

The first contest was a huge success! We got a lot of fantastic entries and amazing results!

This time, we’re doing some new stuff to benefit the horror community on Slasher and you have a chance to help us make a difference in the world of horror!

Here’s what we’re planning…
– The winning design will become a LIMITED EDITION shirt!
– The design will NOT only be for shirts. We plan to make other cool merchandise with the winning design too!
– The design will be will be a part of our first crowdfunding campaign ever, which will be used to add some awesome features to Slasher and support the horror community!

Prizes (One Winner):
$50 Amazon Gift Card
Winner’s Slasher username to be displayed in the shirt product description
One shirt with the winning design
Slasher sticker pack
Slasher pin of your choice
Slasher pop socket
Slasher keychain

Submission Deadline:
09/26/21 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Three simple steps to enter:
1) email your entry to damon@
2) post your design to your timeline on Slasher
3) tag @Damon on the post
Optional: share your entry to your other social media, just be sure to tag @theslasherapp

Download Slasher:


Slasher logo:

Entry Guidelines & Specifications:
1) the logo must be used in the design

2) the Slasher logo cannot be (or appear) altered

3) the t-shirt color will be black

4) dimensions up to 12.5” W x 14” H

5) high resolution (300 DPI or better)

6) ile types: EPS, PDF, TIFF, AI

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
All artwork submitted must be original, not copyrighted or trademarked by you or any other entity. You may use the copyrighted Slasher elements provided (logo). The Slasher logo cannot be altered in any way. The winning submission is determined based on the number of third party votes within the rules described and must be received before the deadline at 09/26/21 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The number of winners is subject to change at our discretion. By submitting artwork, you agree that if your submission becomes the property of Slasher/Premier Audio Video Designs Inc. Submissions are accepted from the US and Canada only. We reserve the right to reject any submission at any time for any reason without notice.

Best of luck!