Website Release & Mobile Apps: Opinions Wanted

Slasher website screenshot

As always, your opinions are extremely important to us and we’d love to know what you think!

We’re about to release the website and were thinking it would be best to remove the current mobile apps temporarily until the new apps are ready. This has some benefits and drawbacks, which you can see in the “things to consider” section below.

Questions (3):

1) Would you mind if we temporarily took down the mobile app and Slasher was only available from the website (it would be desktop and mobile web compatible)?

2) Would you like the option to receive email notifications, which you can enable or disable in the settings? We would probably send them once a day at most, maybe less.

3) Would you keep the current mobile app if it ONLY provided push notifications for the website until the new mobile apps are released?

Things to consider:

1) The website would have mobile view and would work great on mobile devices.

2) The mobile app would only be unavailable for about a month or so before the new ones are released.

3) We want to give everyone a consistent experience and the existing mobile app would not have all the features and benefits of the website.

4) Push notifications are only available on mobile apps, so you would need to check the website regularly. However, there is a possibility we could rework the existing mobile app so it displays push notifications only, which will take you to the website.

We look forward to your feedback and appreciate your thoughts! Thank you!

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